WST_FR43Traffic, traffic, traffic. If you’ve recently returned, I hope you came to dance. Well the heat has eased off a bit in SW Florida, but not at Fred’s. You continue to bring great energy & enthusiasm. We so appreciate all the support  for us  &  for live Latin music. We’ll be back at Fred’s Food, Fun, & Spirits ( 2700 Immokalee Rd. Naples 431-7928) on Saturday, December 13th. The show starts at 8:00 p.m. Eat, drink, work up a sweat. Bring a friend. Bring 3  friends. Invite strangers. There’s always great energy. There will be an $8.00 cover. If you’re planning on being at any of the shows at Fred’s, we recommend that you make reservations early. We’d like to thank Fred’s for all their support. We’re looking forward to seeing you. Come join us to energize the live Latin music scene in Naples.


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  1. Hola,
    How are you guys doing today?? We love your band!
    Have a fantastic weekend!

    Maria & Joshua Bernardes

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